Communications is NOT a Soft Skill

Managers learn how to communicate from their previous experiences. If you
have not defined how your company should communicate within and made that a
daily experience, managers will always revert to their own experiences, as an
employee or to how their former bosses communicated. Sometimes that’s great,
but not always.

Have you ever had a manager or supervisor who clearly shared the mission of
the organization in daily interactions. who could clearly communicate your role in
the big picture, and who could somehow engage your team to collaborate, stay
positive even during the worst times, and willingly acknowledge when you have
succeeded in your work? If so, you probably have picked up on some of those
traits in your own personal development.

Unfortunately, communications skills are like technology. It's easy to pick up bad
habits or not stay up-to- date as demographics, economic conditions, competition

If you would like to be reminded of the value of communications training and
what are some considerations within your own organization, I hope you will read
this recently published article I authored in one of our local business magazines,
Inside Business.

Inside Business Expert Column

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