Understanding LinkedIn Metrics 101

Social media is an important component of today’s various forms of communication in everyday life among different generations and people of different origin around the world. While some platforms are casual, for sharing personal posts like photos and small blogs, others are for professional use. The currently most popular professional social media, especially for B-to-B branding is LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn it is possible to manage contacts, grow a business or career with LinkedIn, and it has assisted many to land a job. Therefore, it is important that your profile is set up right and there is value in the content you are sharing. The page needs to be handled and maintained properly. Following some basic rules, like adequate posting and intelligent and polite conversation is crucial.

Other convincing factors for using LinkedIn among others are that the software is easy to use and offers efficient marketing and cross-marketing to certain target.

You need to understand who your connections are and could be rather than randomly hanging out on LinkedIn. Your targets (prospects, referral sources, and influencers) can be identified with excellent functions for studying your metrics. The LinkedIn page keeps track on visited your profile and other factors that are user specific. Who is seeing post or likes, comments, and shares? One of the best places to start understanding your connections and to what degree you are reaching your targets is on your Dashboard. Here are just a few functions you should explore:

  • From your profile page, see your Dashboard. Click on who viewed your profile.
  • Go to Search Appearances. See number of times your profile appeared in search results (shows for a week)
  • Review companies, job descriptions, and key words searchers used.
  • Click on a key word you which you think best supports your brand.

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Worth Your While: Social Media Metrics & Gaining LinkedIn ROI

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Grow your network, your business and your career opportunities with LinkedIn. Learn the tools and techniques for measuring your social media effectiveness and especially, get a grip on strategies for building better content and targeting to engage your key connections. Join us for a deep dive to learn how to rock your profile, find your next job, generate leads, engage in social selling, and connect with important influencers online all while focusing on getting the biggest return for your time.

Our Agenda:

8:30-8:45 Meet and Greet and Welcome from our Host, Dixie Benton, BridgeTrust Title Group

8:45-9:30 Social Media Metrics with Jessica Bedenbaugh

9:30-10:15—Gaining LinkedIn ROI with Susan Long-Molnar

10:15-10:30—Small group conversations on specific topics

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