Local Leadership Forum for Women Continues to Develop

In February 2021, Managing Communications’ President, Susan Long-Molnar decided it was time to create a forum for leaders to discuss their own growth. Finding a way to connect was difficult for our leaders, burdened with employee and health issues still facing us due to the pandemic. Fast forward to 2022, a time for new opportunities for women to expand leadership roles while learning to lead differently, often remote or with employees who for the most part continued to be remote.

Today, Southeast VA Women in Leadership Roundtable meets monthly to network and converse about leadership challenges, equity, collaboration, and mentoring. The Roundtable includes introductions, brief presentations, and discussions between CEOs, Business Owners, Officers, and Directors. Our focus is on topics that impact women. We have explored many topics such as leaders setting high expectations, financial decisions, conflict management, and so on. We also focus on our personal visions, missions, and goals, asking questions like “How will my leadership define who I am in five years?” and “What three to five realistic and essential goals do I need to support my leadership vision and mission?”.

Though our focus over the past 15 months has been on issues directly impacting leaders and their impact on our community and business organizations, we are going to periodically invite our members to bring their promising managers and supervisors to the sessions. This will give us an opportunity to build their leadership skills as well.

We are planning a face-to-face session in August. This may be a quarterly initiative, but most members feel there is a great advantage to continuing primarily remote sessions. We are also excited about potential collaboration of the Roundtable to develop a women’s leadership conference.

If you are interested in learning more about the Roundtable, please reach out!

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