We Advise, Strategize, Train, and Engage.

Managing Communications assists clients to move to the next level, whether its launching a new business or meeting goals for growth or improving the way they do business through effective communications strategy and implementation. We have been delivering marketing, public relations, and internal communications solutions for the past 15 years as our brand, and our team has over 40 combined years of communications experience.

Do you have a concern over how to target a critical market segment? How will you communicate a change which could impact your employees’ productivity for months?  Have you found it impossible to engage effectively with potential clients through your current social media and other content focused strategies? Communications often requires the objective advice and hands on experience of an outsourced partner.


Ask Me Why Managing Communications?

Over four years of teaching kindergarten and 10 years of teaching high school taught me a lot about what to do and not do for you.  Sound strange? Not really. I learned to tell you like it is, not spend resources foolishly, and that all relationships depend on communications.

I believe our relationship should begin by getting to know what makes you love what you do and identifying what’s working but also what is keeping you from meeting your organization’s goals. I promise to provide the focus and experience to assist you and others in your organization to change practices and develop new skills to change your communications practices and develop new skills. Together, we will define goals and outcomes prior to developing customized strategy, planning, implementation, training, or other activity to support the organization.

We understand that real engagement with clients, employees and others requires exceptional communications and something else, a cheerful desire to give back. From community leadership to mentoring and training…I believe that our clients gain significantly from our encouragement, advice, and leadership to share!

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