istock_32440110_largeConsulting Services

Managing Communications helps clients determine how to grow revenue, gain market share, and win against their competition, whether they are the entrepreneurs of a start-up business or the CEO of a mid-size business which has existed for years.  Susan Long-Molnar uses her experience, insights, discipline, and creativity to create an outsourced relationship which brings a fresh perspective to key business functions requiring not only attention but expertise.

Long-Molnar will ask lots of questions to determine exactly what is going well or in many cases, the areas of your goals, strategies, and practices which need a lot more focus. As a small business owner for nearly 20 years and as the professional on large corporate teams responsible for communications, marketing and public relations for over 11 years, she has a unique ability to help you define where to use your energy, budget and personnel assets to improve your revenue.

Consulting Focus Areas

Market Opportunities
Assess and prioritize opportunities for new markets, products, services and customers

Marketing Strategies
Analyze and develop rationale for capture in chosen markets, segments, and product/service categories

Customer Retention
Evaluate current processes and assist to develop programs to retain customers and renew past customers. We help you create the value proposition which works best for your business and your clients.

Marketing and Communications Programs
Guide through the development of results-focused strategic plans.

Communicating in a Changing Environment
Provide assistance in developing and monitoring effective communications, both internally and externally during acquisitions, mergers, business sales, and operational transitions. We support owners and human resources with changes that may impact perceptions and productivity.

Communications and Marketing Personnel Recruitment
Guide companies searching for personnel in our field, assist with developing job descriptions, advertising and often provide another perception during interviews.

Leadership Communications
Coach CEOs, other officers, managers and supervisors to improve communications (as the spokesperson for the company, in the handling of employee issues, delegating responsibilities, or the interpersonal skills required to work effectively with management or boards).