Content Marketing

stocksnap_fe65e51cf9Tell your Story with the Right Content at the Right Time and in the Right Places.

We define marketing content as all the messages (visual and scripted) that are important in having an impact with your customers (internal and external) and all other audiences important to the success of your organization.  If you want to stay relevant, you have  to play by today’s rules which means engaging…

Online with your website as a start

Through strategic social media

With periodic, targeted and engaging e-news

And timely, interesting blogs, articles and press releases which tell your stories.

All consistent with the traditional marketing and sales support still relevant for your industry.

We believe in content strategy, from conducting marketing audits and competitive analysis to finding the opportunities you may be missing. Let’s start with these content needs:

Audience Definition: Who do you need to reach and what do you know about them?

Audit and Review: Where are you currently in your content management and what should your priorities be?

Content Planning: We are on steroids when it comes to planning your content. We want you to repurpose content effectively and bite off only one you can continue to do consistently and effectively.

Compliance: What content guidelines are critical in your industry?

Market Research: We will help you cull through information to make the best content decisions.

Objectives and Measuring Success: How will you know when you are making an impact with your audiences?

And yes, we have been helping hundreds of clients develop or redesign their websites, set up and plan their social media, produce exceptional writing and editing, create brochures and displays for trade shows. We offer you the best talent for creative and technology…only the best with reasonable pricing which we do NOT mark up. Let’s talk so you can experience a non-agency attitude with professional agency and corporate experience!