External Communications

stocksnap_ckzcfwvw19Strategic Marketing

Creating a useful plan which will meet your business goals and revenue growth is not easy. You can get sidetracked and by the time you get one together, you don’t have the people to act on it or the energy to execute. That’s why our clients come to us. And…as we build a new relationship, it is the first question we will ask…Do you have a strategic marketing plan and how do you use it?

Brand Management

With our history in corporate communications, including our expertise in internal communications, we believe that strong brands are created from the inside out. Once created, the brand is never established as your buyers are constantly changing. Managing the brand is ongoing.

Public/Government Relations

Though we imbed much of the media and public relations and as applicable, government relations in strategic marketing, there are times that a specific strategic plan is necessary for managing the perceptions of a specific audience or engaging media for a more targeted initiative. We have assisted national initiatives such as strategic planning for media relations for the AAU National Junior Olympics and increasing exposure for businesses growing in new markets. One of our most impactful initiatives successfully influenced the perceptions of legislature over environmental issues involving the Chesapeake Watershed for a national fertilizer company who blends natural ingredients to minimize the impact on our waterways. We have access to national media outlets to develop a strategic plan specific to your industry.

Community Relations

13102670_1287007911319092_1648503913261053113_nWhether your business is headquartered in southeastern Virginia or anywhere in the country with multiple locations, Managing Communications has brought new meaning to community relations for many small businesses because of our creative use of our long-standing relationships. Because of our involvement in so many non-profits and government affairs, we are your best resource for developing a strategic community relations program based on the needs of your community, your interests, and the opportunity to further brand your organization. Additionally, we have supported hundreds of successful strategies to partner with other businesses and organizations to create well-attended seminars and workshops. We also created numerous opportunities for speaking engagements for organizations.