Business Development

Consider a BD Connector with Analytical and Creative Experience

Business owners and officers are now in a time when the function of Business Development has to change…and rapidly. What we mean by this term is a function which often gets tangled in sales, marketing and sometimes, even corporate strategy.

The most effective corporations and businesses become most agile when they have a dedicated discipline for business development. In healthcare, it has often involved us in the research and development of new services or business units to gain more market share. In the commercial real estate industry, business development is often highly focused on networking and making introductions, but efforts can be limited by other responsibilities such as pulling together every proposal or response to an RFP.

An ideal scenario is when Business Development focuses solely on two or three of these outcomes, regardless of the industry…

  • Customer outreach, networking and building relationships for new revenue
  • Market research and analysis
  • Sales strategy development to support a sales team or management team
  • Partnership or affiliation development and management
  • Value proposition growth

Do you have that professional on your team? If not, you may lose market share during a crisis like COVID-2019. The strategies for business development have to change, at least for the rest of 2020, and other crisis or business change is always inevitable in any given year.

Does it make sense to outsource this function for your business?

The number one reason to consider contracting business development now is the strategies are different for connecting, networking and building new relationships. You need what Susan Long-Molnar is often called…a master connector.

What are other reasons to consider outsourcing business development, which can be month-to-month, but we highly recommend six months for a minimum. Why? Because you are probably already behind where you should be. Here are a few more good reasons…

Business development needs will be met by a professional who has been dedicated for more than 30 years to this business function.

It’s asking a lot for your marketing or sales manager to stay on top of business development trends. Often, they are so busy dealing with the revenue numbers of sales teams for the month or the constant requests from management, that they have little time to research, communicate, and make recommendations for change.

Gives the CEO, business owner and officers new perspectives from an outsourced professional which might be missed on the team.

There are three questions to ask, however, that we ask you to consider before engaging with MCC or any other outsources agency for business development:

  • Does the professional have connections in the markets you want to grow?
  • Do they also have experience in your industry?
  • How well do they collaborate with internal teams?

Each business development strategy is based on the gaps on your current team.

The next step is to contact Susan Long-Molnar, President, MCC to schedule a complimentary consult to see how we might support the business development function for your business!

And…be sure to review Susan’s Business Development Profile.