Make your “Just Admin” your A-Team!

It is likely getting harder to hire administrative assistants and others who support you as we get closer to the holidays. People decide to stay put. To fill your empty slots, you need buzz and reality about how you engage, empower, and recognize your support staff.

You also don’t want your current admin staff to lose heart and think about moving on with the new year.

That starts with a lead, manager, supervisor, or peer on the admin team whether you are in operations, human resources, or any other unit in your organization.

How do you create an environment where your receptionist or your officer assistant or your customer service reps feel great about their work, love their team, and support the business goals as the A-Team?

If you are in Hampton Roads, we want to help you with that on Tuesday, November 1st.

Jamie Vanek, author of Buried in Business, and I are going to show you…

  • Why admin is often overlooked and undervalued
  • The strategies to build expectations, mentoring, and provide meaningful admin contributions
  • How to dismantle current admin functions and gain clarity in hiring, collaboration, and purpose
  • Workflows, passion projects, and communications which will get you unburied
  • How to change your own communications style and practices to engage your admin team!

And…you will have templates to help you make major changes right away. Learn more and register at Move your “just admin” to your A-Team Workshop Tickets, Tue, Nov 1, 2022 at 9:15 AM | Eventbrite

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